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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Win Back Respect: "He Just Doesn't Get it"
this will shock you into voting AGAINST BUSH GWB
if id doesn't then we are in trouble
CBS News GIs Lack Armor, Radios, Bullets October 31, 2004 19:57:42: "GIs Lack Armor, Radios, Bullets"

we need a change NOW !!!!!, so lets start at the top!!!

Monday, October 25, 2004

GWB humor George bush humor
Seriously :-(
site has too may funny clips ( do not watch with full blader)

Seriously :-(
Falwell says evangelicals control GOP, Bush's fate The San Diego Union-Tribune: "Falwell says evangelicals control GOP, Bush's fate"
dont walk to vote, Run! RUN! RUN! We are in trouble - Stop Bush NOW!
Are you afraid yet? no? well read on:
Falwell said evangelical Christians are now "by far the largest constituency" within the Republican Party, their route to dominance beginning in 1979 with his founding of the Moral Majority, a precursor to the Christian Coalition.

"I tell my Republican friends who are always talking about the 'big tent,' I say make it as big as you want to, but if the candidate running for president is not pro-life, pro-family . . . you're not going to win," he said. ....

Falwell expressed confidence in a Bush victory over Democratic Sen. John Kerry, adding, "You cannot be a sincere, committed born-again believer who takes the Bible seriously and vote for a pro-choice, anti-family candidate."

learn more about falwell

Falwell was among roughly a dozen speakers at the Christian Coalition workshop, which was held in a Senate auditorium, a courtesy arranged by Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., the majority whip, the No. 2 Republican position in the Senate.