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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Here is the real deal on the West bank security wall as reported by oxfam GB Oxfam GB - Israeli security wall causes West Bank upheaval:
"....Construction of the wall is the latest Israeli step to fight suicide bombers and militants battling Israeli control over the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Likud and Labour, Israel’s two main political parties, both back the move and a June 2002 poll in Ma’ariv newspaper showed 69 percent of Israelis backing the plan.

But Palestinians are in uproar about its construction and estimate that 10 percent of West Bank land will be confiscated by the time it is completed. Spokesmen say that two percent of their land has already been appropriated to build the 120-km first phase in the northern part of the West Bank....

Variously known to Israelis as the Separation Wall, Security Wall or Terror Wall, work on the fence began last year. When completed, it will be an eight-metre high barrier in metal, concrete or barbed wire fence, backed by electronic sensors, razor wire, trenches and parallel security roads for the military....
[the wall] which is estimated to be three times as long and twice as high as the Berlin Wall. ....Some 20,000 people in 3,175 families will end up living on the eastern, Palestinian side of the wall but will have their land and livelihood on the other side."

sad to say the human a race into iniquity.... lets alter course, yes?

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