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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jill Carroll is released!! thank god! I hope it lifts spirits and provides momentum to the others not yet freed Reem Zeid and Marwan Khazaal !!
we know so little:
"TV reporter Reem Zeid and her colleague, Marwan Khazaal, who both work for local station Al-Sumariya, were kidnapped by four gunmen after leaving a news conference at the headquarters of the Iraqi Islamic Party in Baghdad on 1 February."

"Journalists Marwan Ghazal and Reem Zaeed, from the privately owned television station Samaria TV, were abducted by gunmen in Baghdad's Yarmouk district after covering a meeting at the offices of the Iraqi Islamic Party, The Associated Press reported, citing a cameraman working for the station. The cameraman said two other journalists were briefly seized but released."
the International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX)

also see Reporters Without Borders

"Al-Sumariyah (reference to Sumer, an ancient region of southern Mesopotamia in present-day southern Iraq) - This satellite TV channel began broadcasting from Beirut in mid-October 2004, via the Nilesat 101 satellite. Its shareholders are predominantly Iraqi." Radio Netherlands Media Network
Al-Sumariyah TV has a website at  

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