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Thursday, October 26, 2006

S C R A T CH :"stay the course"
you got it
these are the orders right from the press secretary

Q Tony, it seems what you have is not "stay the course." Has anybody told the President he should stop calling it "stay the course" then?
MR. SNOW: I don't think he's used that term in a while.

Q Oh, yes, he has, repeatedly.
MR. SNOW: When?

Q Well, in August, because I wrote a story saying he didn't use it and I was quite sternly corrected.
MR. SNOW: No, he stopped using it.

Q Why would he stop using it?
MR. SNOW: Because it left the wrong impression about what was going on. And it allowed critics to say, well, here's an administration that's just embarked upon a policy and not looking at what the situation is, when, in fact, it's just the opposite. The President is determined not to leave Iraq short of victory, but he also understands that it's important to capture the dynamism of the efforts that have been ongoing to try to make Iraq more secure, and therefore, enhance the clarification -- or the greater precision.

Q Is the President responsible for the fact people think it's stay the course since he's, in fact, described it that way himself?
MR. SNOW: No."


I see war as a ride into hell and back(we hope)
President Bush, with the road map of "Stay the Course", kept driving us in
deeper. With the discarding of this buzz phrase, this road map, they are admitting: we are officially lost in hell. There is NO road map at all anymore (not that the one the had was worth anything). In Maine they say "ya cant get there [out] from here" We better get one soon, but lets not take the first one past our way.
Some want us to believe there is some sort of express elevator, that we can take and get out of hell without anymore harm. Sad to say, most realists, independent of party know there is no such elevator.

The question is what and where IS the road out.
I don't think we can find it without asking for directions/ help in drawing up a road map.
This mapping help being from countries in Middle East and Europe,. God forbid, if we ask for help but we cant do it by ourselves. ( How many more body bags do we need to send back home to, before we get the administration to see this.)

oh yes, one last thing: get bush out from behind the wheel!!!

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Charles Amico said...

I particularly liked this phrase:

oh yes, one last thing: get bush out from behind the wheel!!!

Good piece. Good Blog. I will come back.