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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Shooting in Boston
there is an
incredible story in the Boston globe magazine this week

called Silence .....

"Jenry Gonzalez was shot in a crowded park while trying out for Pop Warner football. His unsolved shooting shows how reversing Boston's climate of witness fear will take a lot more than pulling "Stop Snitchin'" T-shirts off the shelves. By Neil Swidey | February 26, 2006"

the story is nothing new, but it is all new, and sends renewed chills into our thoughts....
Prehaps one of the best quotes is from the sister of the boy who was shot:

"...You look at other people, and you see their gray hair, and you think, `How would I look with gray hair? Would I ever get to that age?' ..."

the other is

IT'S LATE JANUARY, AND BEATRIZ GARCIA is back in her kitchen. The chairs are overturned on the table, so she can get her mop underneath. A year and a half ago, when her son's name was on the news every night, a lot of people made her assurances. They promised help getting her family moved to new subsidized housing. They promised uniformed patrols at all Pop Warner games. They promised to keep her updated on the investigation. And, of course, they promised to bring her son's shooter to justice.

She leans on the mop and squints one eye. "Everything they said they were going to do never happened."

She sees no use in dwelling on that. "Forget them," she says. "I just want for my son to be OK. That's all I need. ..."

what can we do?

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