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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

We have ignored the Kurds, but it shall also boil over. (see following stories) There is a mounting call for independence. Turkey is very worried. We should be too. We screw the Kurds once before, they rightfully will only trust the US as far as they need the US. What was GWB thinking? What Should we do....damned if I know...

Story one - Open unrest of Kurds in Turkey
Two killed in Turkey cafe blast
Two people have been killed in a bomb explosion at an outdoor cafe in south-east Turkey, police say. At least seven people were injured in the blast, which hit the tea garden in the town of Catak in Van province, near the border with Iran. It follows a series of bombings in Turkish resorts and Istanbul last week in which at least three people died.

A smoke-covered street in Antalya following the explosion on 28 August 2006


source:BBC -

Story two - Clear signs of a independent state blooming
Kurdish Leader Bans Iraqi Flag in Northern Iraq
By M. Alihan Hasanoglu, Cihan News Agency, Arbil
Saturday, September 02, 2006

Massoud Barzani, Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) leader and president of the Kurdish Regional Government in northern Iraq, banned the Iraqi national flag in the Kurdish region, claiming it represented the Baath regime. more


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