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Friday, September 08, 2006

winning the midterm elections the BUSH way
Just when BUSH needs it, he pops
the fear word
terrorism !!! (see below*) Sort of like the word "liberal" used in the past,
but oh it has than little extra Texas Kick, to swing the voters back around....
dam dam dam...
my gray hairs are increasing in numbers
and Bush is not helping !

*the byline reads:
" His
[presidents] speeches on security this week signal that Republicans will use the terrorism issue for the third election in a row."
source: Christian Science Monitor
from the September 08, 2006 edition, | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor


Marie said...

Well, it is sort of an overriding concern.

tedzzz said...

but to scare people??
to use fear rather than reasoning?
to win the debate?
it is not the what..(the problem)
it is the how....(the process)

Daedalus said...

You mean theree are lefties on blog explosion? i've only seen a couple, but it's littered with rightwing hatemongering.

Anonymous said...

people like marie make me wish that there was retroactive abortion. i have tolerance for people but no tolerance for ignorant backwards people like her. people like her are why we have a war on terror. frankly, i think dear marie is the real terrorist. and so are these people
seriously, makes me want to vomit.